GEORGOULIAS S.A. signed a contract of thirty years with the Greek State through the Port Authority Kavala to construct and exploit a shopping centre of 4000m2 of covered space for shopping centers operation, and 4000m2 of open – air space for commercial use, events and recreation.

Kavala Port Centre (KPC) as it will be called, is located in the centre of the city in a distance of six hundred meters from the central square, within the APOSTOLOS PAVLOS Port zone in Kavala. The area of KPC in the east is adjacent to the coastal Historical Wall and the District of Panagia, where the famous monuments of Imaret is situated, and in front of it is the approach space of passenger ships for the Aegean islands and cruise ships, as the building will operate as a terminal to serve the cruise welcoming under the current circumstances 20.000 more consumers for the stores which will operate indoors and outdoors of the KPC. Moreover, the APOSTOLOS PAVLOS port of KAVALA has potential to develop to an important cruise destination combining the neighboring archaeological destinations of AMFIPOLIS ( distance time 35 minutes) and FILIPPOI (distance time twenty minutes).

Kavala Port

Kavala Port

A great part of the adjacent area constitutes open- air space of parking lot which serves the city’s needs, as well as the station of the public transport of the city of Kavala adding an additional advantage in KPC. The features of the market environment which KPC is addressed to are in the position to offer positive perspective and comparative advantages in its operation, because:

  • The actual population of the city of Kavala is approximately 100.000 residents including the students of the city. It is estimated that the catchment area of the Work (distance time 1 hour) comes to 250.000 residents, and the total of this population apart from the passengers aims at KPC.
  • Maritime passengers come up approximately to 400.000 annually, while cruise passengers come up approximately to 20.000 annually, with the perspective to multiply (Archaeological destinations AMFIPOLI – FILIPPOI).
  • A steady in increase in tourism in the city of Kavala is noted year by year from Bulgaria, Romany, Serbia and especially from Turkey. It is also expected due to the yacht marine which is under construction sharp increase of marine tourism in Kavala mainly by owners of yachts from Boulgaria. The proximity of the Northern Aegean islands with Kavala and subsequently among them, favors yachting in the Aegean with starting point the port APOSTOLOS PAVLOS.
  • Kavala is the natural port of the hinterland of the Balkans and the entrance gate to the Aegean. With these data, the result will be to make the site, as the major touristic, commercial and recreational area of the city and the region. The planed integrated urban regeneration of the area, the existence of parking lots of great capacity, the station of public transport, and the vicinity to monuments of historical interest, constitute favorable conditions for the increase of visitors to KPC ( from the local population and tourists), additionally to the given movement of ferry lines passengers and especially of the cruise ships and yachts.
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